The project would like to thank the many people who contribute to the collection and storage of the memories on this site. This includes people who have collected memories, written memories, typed memories and told their memories, along with people who have given valuable advice.

Olive Adams
Lucy Alexander
Molly Alexandra
Alzheimer's Society North Tyneside
Alice Appleton
Lana Archibald
Ralph Wilson Armstrong
Elizabeth Ashton
Esther Ashton
Dick Attlee
Jack Bailey
Ken Banks
Steve Batey
Margaret Beavers
Shara Begum
Lorna Bell
Terry Bell
Kathleen Bennett
Nora Bessant
Les Birkett
Bill Bowman
Lesley Blakey
Betty Brand
John George Brigham
Elizabeth Brunan
Joan Bulman
Rosemary Burn
Sandra Carter
David Charlton
George Charlton
Cathy Collier
Gloria Collins
Vi Colquhoun
Alan Connon
Patricia Couch
Nora Crawford
Ron Crawford
Alys Crisp
Cullercoats Knit & Natter Club
Diana Daniels
Norman Davidson
Peggy Dewdney
Lisa Dixon
Mary Dobinson
Barbara Docherty
Mike Doig
Ethel Douglas
Alan Duffy
Audrey Dunton
Enid Eccleston
MJ Egan
Jo Ferguson
Gwen Finlayson
Lorna Fisher
Alison Forster
Elsie Forster
Tom Fry
Joan Gallon
Peter Garner
Eric Gore-Brown
Lillian Grey
Charles Hall
Eleanor Harper
Vera Harman
Bill Harmon
Alex Hastie
Joyce Henderson
Kathy Hestletine
Muriel Hewitson
R H Hill
Peggy Holmes
Doris Hutchinson
Ken Irving
Ivy Road Primary School
Raj Kumar
Jean Laverick
Susan Lax
Robbie Leck
Diane Leggett
Leisure Choices
Gill Lewis
Irene Liddell
Val Liddell
Heather Lisle
Longbenton Methodist Church
Frank Lott
Arthur MacArthur
Alex Magin
Pamela Mahan
Eddie Marsh
Annabel Marshall
Joyce Marti
Alan Mather
Judith Maxwell
Vera McCree
Graham McElderry
Mary McLellan
Maureen McMurchie
Nancy McQueen
Evelyn McWirter
Alice Meikle
Margaret Middleton
Chimene Miller
Freda Miller
Alan Morpeth
Len Mower
Doris Moyle
Kathy Moyle
Pat Murray
Joyce Mutton
Jean Newman
North Tyneside Disability Forum
Jean Olsen
Allan Oxberry
Joyce & Stan Oxley
Ria Paisley
Ivy Park
Hannah Pate
May Patterson
Jack Pelton
Doreen Phillips
Sue Plimley
Audrey Pringle
Elspeth Quinn
Mrs M Reid
Penny Remfry
Marion Ridley
Lily Robb
Alys Robinson
Elsie Robinson
Florence Robson (age 100)
Mike Rose
Ethel Ross
Jean Rowley
John Rowntree
Royal Quays Local History Society
Derek Rutherford
Marion Rutherford (nee Bouas)
St Bartholomew's Monday Club, Forest Hall
St Mary Magdalene's Church, Longbenton
Danny Angus Sales
Ronnie Sampson
Malcolm Scott
Anne Sharp
Rene Sharp
Edith Sheldon
Joan Smart
Kath Smith
Joyce Smith
Kitty Speedy
Esther Spencer
Betty Stevens
Meg Stephenson
William Stephenson
Elizabeth Stewart
Molly Stewart
Mavis Sykes
Joy Taylor
Peggy Taylor
Joseph Henry Carl Thompson
Nora Thompson
Phyllis Thorman
Terence Took
The Older People's Activity Zone (TOPAZ)
Jim Turner
Betty Tyers
Tyne & Wear Museums Service
Tynemouth Trefoil Guild
Fran Tyson
Visual Impairment Unit, Longbenton Community College
Vera Walker
Joseph Wallace
Wallsend People's Centre
Wallsend Writers Group
Wallsend Local History Society
Ronnie Watson
June Weatherstone
Jack Wedderburn
Irene Wedderburn
Les Weightman
Maureen Whittaker
Dorothy White
Val White
Jan Wilkinson
Edgar Wilson
Ron Wilson
Chris Wray
Katherine Wright
Mrs M J Young

Other people have contributed anonymously to the website and our thanks also go to them. 

Our Policy on Crediting Memories

You may have noticed that no memory has a name directly attributed to it and this is a policy that the project works to. We never put the name of the author on the page showing the memory, for reasons of confidentiality. Most people are quite happy to have their name mentioned indirectly on the website and so these names are listed in the 'Credits' area of the site. There are always a number of people who are quite happy to give us memories, but do not want to have their names mentioned at all and we respect their position. It is the choice of the individual and this is fully explained to new contributors when we work with them.

Occasionally we are asked if we can identify a contributor and when this happens we try, as far as possible, to contact that person to ask for permission, leaving the decision up to them if they wish to be contacted.

Our Working Group

Photograph of Project Working Group One group of people who deserve some recognition is our Working Group. These are people who have contributed memories but who have then gone on to help in other ways. If you think that you could help in some way to develop the project, please get in touch with us.

Our Library Service Support Staff

North Tyneside Library Service have always been very generous in providing staff time and resources for the project. In the past librarians Sarah and Kevin have been a great support and currently Diane Leggett and Joyce Marti are part of the team. Their experience of Library protocols and their interest in the project make them an invaluable help to the project, and to the smooth running of Library Club events.

Sad Occcasions

Photograph showing Bill Harmon receiving his medal from MontgomeryThe saddest part of working on the project is when one of our contributors or helpers dies. This has happened a few times, but because their memories have been collected and published we continue to feel a closeness to them. In particular we think of Jack Wedderburn and Bill Harman, who contributed massively to the project in its early days.

Photograph of Bill with his prize winning Dahlias


Your Memories Needed!

We are always on the look out for new memories or photographs of the North East that we can share.

If you have an interesting and original memory or photograph please get in touch using the contact us page letting us know what you have and we will let you know the best way to get them to us.

We look forward to hearing from you!